The pig business is competitive to suppliers. The key is to disctinc your company from all the others. In order to get new customers and create future ambassadors.


It's not just about delivering high quality products. Recognising the needs of your clients and giving them all the support they need is just as important.


Knowledge transfer makes the difference

Knowledge transfer is essential in getting the best results on breeder farms. Small mistakes or overlookings can have a huge impact on economics. You can make the difference by supplying your customers with all the knowledge they need to be succesful.

We can help you with that!


We can provide you with a stock of Pig Signals (online) books to offer as a gift to your customers. And we can fully customize them to your needs:


  • Your company logo on the front and back cover
  • A full cover design in your own house style
  • Your own promotional pages added to the (online) book
  • Your own foreword and/or a section dedicated to your company
  • A company online bookshop, to be integrated into your website

We are open to discuss any needs and requirements and see how we can help you strengthen your company brand with this high value gift.